May 17, 2019

Texas Wildflower Watercolor Painting - Indian Blanket Flower

See how I paint this Indian Blanket Wildflower in the video below. This watercolor is from my Texas Wildflower Watercolor Series which includes Bluebonnets, Evening Primrose, Indian Paintbrush, Crimson Clover and a few more to complete the series of seven paintings. All these watercolors are available from my online art store. 



Prep for painting

In order to prepare for painting I need content. Because I don't want to infringe on any copywrites, all the content I use for my paintings is from images I collect using my camera and sometimes my sketch pad.

After I collect my photos, I combine the different images into one composition and do a pencil drawing. Once I like the composition I am ready to paint.

Note: You will see a flash of a photo once in a while in the video as I pick a color from the photo. That's because this is a digital painting on my iPad with Procreate.


Collecting content for painting
Indian paintbrush photo content for watercolor painting
Painting with iPad in Procreate
Painting Indian paintbrush with Procreate
Final Painting
Indian paintbrush finished and framed


There's more!

Check out my other videos of my Live Art as I create other paintings in different styles. Please comment or make suggestions to improve my videos and of course, my art. All art prints are reproduced as museum quality Giclee prints on acid free paper and are available to order here on

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Thanks Friends!

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