Eben - Son of


$25.50 USD

In Israel the tombs have stones on them placed by people who knew the deceased. A stone in Hebrew is known as the word "eben" written in three letters, aleph-bet-nun. The first letter, aleph, represents "father". The next two letters represent the word "son" as in Jonah ben Joseph or Jonah son of Joseph. By placing a stone on the tomb we position ourselves as a son of the deceased, as part of his bloodline and memory.
  • Contact me for price and size if you desire a different print size, a canvas wrap or a framed canvas wrap.
  • This is a Giclee print on Premium Photo Lustre Paper with archival inks.
  • Sizes indicate the actual live area of the art. The image will be placed on a larger size paper to allow for matting.
  • This print is unframed.
  • Printed in the USA