Jerusalem Shin Mug


$15.99 USD

The Hebrew letter "Shin" shown on one side of the mug is an abbreviation of "Shaddai", meaning "Almighty" and refers to God with respect to His fierceness. God speaks of placing His Name in Jerusalem (2 Chr 33:4) and on the opposite side in the artwork you can clearly see the Shin in the valleys leading up to Jerusalem. 

He also says He will write His Name on our hearts (Ezk 11:19-20). Interestingly, the Shin does appear in the structure of the heart as represented abstractly in the sketched lines around the Shin on the mug. Imagine if you will, that God acts in fierceness to protect and defend our hearts when we believe in Him.

The birdseye view of Jerusalem is from 1947. The artwork by G. Frederick Owen and is titled, "Jerusalem in Third Dimension."

When you purchase this mug, 25% of the profit goes directly to support Revealing Journey Ministries, a Christian teaching and travel ministry.

This is a high quality, dishwasher and microwave safe classic mug made from quality ceramic with a comfortable handle.

15 oz. and 11 oz.