Jan Johnston

Jan Johnston

My parents had no idea where my bent for being creative came from, but I think it came from when my dad dropped me on my head as a baby. I don't think anyone can prove my theory, but I'm sticking with it because it's a good story.

Anyway, I'm a graphic designer by schooling and trade but I prefer to satisfy my independent artistic and creative streak whenever possible. Graphic design is a great career but I'd prefer working for myself instead of for Joe Marketing Director. It never failed, when I delivered my designs, the marketing department or client will change colors or fonts to something like Times Roman (oh, so 1980's). I would say that 60% of my career has been "suck it up buttercup" and make the change. So unsatisfying!

I always wanted to move away from print and webdesign to something else, something I could direct and produce myself. This curiosity led me to learn surface pattern design. Pattern design is a technique for designing patterns for fabrics, wallpaper, home decor, products and more. This move from logos, websites and brochures opened up a new and exciting opportunity.

Thus, Jan Johnston Artworks was born! I finally found an outlet for my passion as an independent artisan. Designing beautiful patterns and turning them into products for consumers. It checks all the blocks for me!

That's my story. I'm sure it isn't the end but I sure hope you take a look at my designs and find something to purchase!

Or check me out at: Jan Johnston Design