How much wallpaper do I need?

Tips for Measuring:

  • Measure the height (in feet or cm) and the width (in inches or cm) of each wall
  • Do not include the crown molding
  • Do not worry about doors or windows - it is unlikely that panels will align perfectly with these features 
  • For walls of varied heights, order rolls for the tallest wall to ensure the design repeat aligns properly across all panels

How to Measure for Wallpaper

Ordering a Test Swatch of Wallpaper

I always recommend ordering a sample to ensure the wallpaper type, color and scale meet your expectations. It is also wise to install this Test Swatch, waiting a full 24 hours after installation to be certain it adheres correctly, before placing your larger order.

Important Information about Print Lots (Dye Lots)

Customers often write in asking to order more paper from a certain dye-lot, or what I call a print-lot. Since my supplier is a print-on-demand company, each individual order is actually its very own print-lot. While large color shifts between orders should never be an issue, slight variations may exist across two orders placed at different times. Therefore, it is important to order enough digitally printed paper to complete your entire installation all at once.

Calculate How Many Rolls to Order Manually

Check your math and calculate how much paper to order, follow one of the following two formulas below. Which formula depends upon the type of wallpaper - Smooth, Peel and Stick, or Pebble - that you are planning to purchase.

For Pre-Pasted Removable Smooth and Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

My supplier prints these two popular Do-it-Yourself papers in selected whole-foot (or round centimeter) increments. It is good practice to order slightly longer rolls in order to ensure that any vagaries of architecture or slight differences in height along the wall can be compensated for during installation.