POD & Sustainabilty

Print on demand (POD) is a printing process designed to minimize fabric and ink waste by using water-based pigments, very little water, and printing only what is needed on organic and earth-friendly fabrics. My partners work to reduce the environmental impact by recycling and composting and donating unprinted fabric remnants to local artists and makers in their community.

Why POD (Print on Demand)?

All my products are print on demand (POD). That means I have no inventory and I only order a product when an individual makes a purchase.

This is a very sustainable philosophy, meaning I only use what I purchase and don’t have any waste. I only ship what is ordered and I don’t use any more energy than is needed. The result is, I offer products at a lower cost because I don’t have to cover waste.

Shipping can take longer because the items you may have purchased are handmade one by one – another way to reduce waste.

How You Can Help.

Returns. All sales are final unless the printing is incorrect or the product was damaged in shipping. (Please see my return policy for more information on damaged goods.)

If the item you purchased does not fit, please DO NOT send it back to me for a refund. Instead, I recommend donating the item to a local organization to reduce waste and energy needed to ship the product back to me. I recommend pickupmydonation.com. Click here to find a local partner.

If the reason for your return is because your item does not fit, please contact me and send me a copy of your receipt for the donation and I will send you a discount coupon for your next purchase.

If you have any recommendations for national organizations that pick up donations please let me know and I will post them here.

Because I am a small business I can't offer returns at this time. The reason the big stores have refunds and returns is because they can charge more for their products and have more waste. Please work with me by reducing excess and environmental impact.

Thank you!