Canvas Wraps
February 14, 2019

Canvas Wraps

Are you looking for a contemporary solution for adorning your walls? I suggest you consider printing the art as a canvas wrap. There are several options with canvas wraps which I will point out in this blog. Even if you decide to print the artwork as a canvas print you can still frame the artwork if you so choose.

Gallery Wrap with mirrored edges.

A gallery wrap is prepared so that the entire image shows the face of the canvas and around the edges. This does not mean that the image is completely wrapped around the stretcher bars, but rather the image is copied and "mirrored" or flipped and added to the outer edges of the image. The mirrored edges are what is  wrapped around the stretcher bars. The result is the image remains in full view and the edges finish off the entire look. This is a very popular solution for canvas prints.

My supplier gives you two choices for the stretcher bar thickness for all of these solutions. You may choose from 1.5" and 3/4" deep stretcher bars and the canvases are wired and ready to hang.

Gallery Wrap Mirrored Edges

Gallery wrap with colored edges.

Each image is prepared so that the entire image appears on the face of the canvas as in the mirrored wrap above. But, the edges are rendered in a color of your choice. The best color to select is from the image itself as an accent color. The printer I use will help in making that decision. If you decide to go with colored edges I will make sure you can contact my vendor to discuss colors.

Gallery Wrap Extended Edges

Gallery wrap with extended image.

In order to achieve this type of wrap my supplier will enlarge the image so that there is enough printed area to wrap around the stretcher bars. As a result some of the image will be "lost" around the sides, effectively cropping what you will see on the face of the canvas. I personally do not recommend this solution because the image may not come our the way you expect.

Gallery Wrap Colored Edges

Framing wrap.

The canvas print is stretched by stapling on the side of the stretcher bar, not on the back in the other wraps. This style is only recommended if you plan on framing the piece.

Framing Wrap

Canvas choices.

Standard Canvas is a very popular canvas choice. Every canvas print is sprayed with a protective coating that helps to seal and protect your print from harmful ultraviolet light and handling. The material of the canvas is Poly/Cotton and is 19 mil. thickness.

Chromata Canvas has a more natural base color. Every canvas print is sprayed with a protective coating that helps to seal and protect your print from harmful ultraviolet light and handling. The material of the canvas is Poly/Cotton OBA free (No optical brightness) and is 21 mil. thickness.

If you are concerned and want to discuss any of the solutions above please contact me via the Contact form and let me know your phone number so we may discuss your questions.

Happy matting!